Tavola Rossa is Italian for "red table," which means a place where food and stories are shared. Across cultures, people gather around the table to partake in meals and share experiences, and here, friendships are formed and strengthened.

A young and fresh company, Tavola Rossa brings quality Italian food products to the Philippines and works to satisfy the local market's demand and discerning taste for new and excellent food products.

Tavola Rossa delivers to hotels, restaurants, commissary kitchens, homes, and catering companies, working with clients in developing their products making them as distinctive and delicious as possible.

Tavola Rossa carries a selection of olive oils and balsamic vinegars, peeled and diced tomatoes, flours, pasta, preserved vegetables, and cooking cream for your culinary needs. We also carry a selection of juices and nectars to be served plain or mixed to produce your own special drinks.

Expect to see Tavola Rossa products at your favorite retail establishments in the future.

Come join us at the table! We are Tavola Rossa.

Our Mission: CQC

Tavola Rossa seeks to provide the Philippine market with more food choices made with quality ingredients at competitive prices.