GreenDot is the first Filipino-owned solar PV power company that caters to the residential market. Founded in 2013, GreenDot was established with the foresight that the Philippines will need other sources of energy beyond fossil fuels to sustain its growth.

With a firm belief in the effeciency and sustainability of solar power, GreenDot set about to power Filipino households, one rooftop at a time. GreenDot is backed by a team of ISO-certified installers who have installed over 20,000 installations nationwide.

GreenDot uses the best solar technology and systems to give customers the best return on their investments, not to mention, peace of mind. GreenDot's team of internationally-trained engineers and technicians follow global industry standards to ensure that each rooftop system is of the best quality.

All of GreenDot's efforts is geared towards one goal: giving its customers the best way to harvest the sun's free energy for a long, long time.