1. Sunlight hits your unobstructed solar panels.
  2. Photons from the sun are converted to DC electricity by a process called the ‘photovoltaic effect’.
  3. The inverter converts DC to AC electricity, suitable for your household appliances.
  4. AC electricity is sent to your electrical panel (breaker box).
  1. Your home firstly uses electricity from your solar PV system, if not enough, draws more electricity from the grid.
  2. Your utility meter measures your electricity production and consumption.
  3. Any excess production in the daytime is automatically ‘exported’ back to the grid. (See *net-metering below)
  4. At night, when there’s no sun, your home automatically goes back to the grid for power. (Because you do NOT have back-up storage).

*WITH net-metering – Your utility provider gives you a peso credit for excess electricity received at the end of the month, and deducts the credits earned to the your electric bill.

**WITHOUT net-metering – Your meter will read excess electricity as a charge.